Recovery Support

Certified Recovery Specialists

Who is a Certified Recovery Specialist?

A Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) is an individual in long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol with at least 18 months of abstinence. This recovery person has been trained to help others move into and through their recovery process. As CRS accepts and agrees that his/her personal experience as an individual in recovery from substance use can be a valuable tool to assist others in their recovery process.

Recovery is a highly-individualized journey. This journey is a voluntary sustained way of life that includes the pursuit of spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being often supported by others, like a Certified Recovery Specialist.

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What makes someone a Certified Recovery Specialist?

A Certified Recovery Specialist obtains their credentialing from the Pennsylvania Certification Board after extensive training and testing on the following core areas:

  1. Recovery Management
  2. Education and Advocacy
  3. Professional Ethics and Responsibility 

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