Student Assistance Program

Has your child encountered barriers to school success?  Are you concerned about your child? The Student Assistance program can help.

What is SAP?

Every school district in Pennsylvania is required to have a plan identifying and assisting students who experience barriers to learning. In Blair County, that is the Student Assistance Program or SAP team. An SAP team is made up of school and agency personnel who are specially trained to help you access services for your child either in school or in the community. An SAP team does not diagnose, treat, or refer your child for treatment. The team will provide you with information that will help you make the choices that best fit your needs and wishes. All SAP team information is completely confidential and the team will respect you and your child’s privacy at all times.

How does my child become involved in SAP?

Anyone who is concerned about a child can refer that child to their schools SAP team including teachers, school personnel, parents, friends, family members, community members, or even a student self-referral.  If your child is referred to the SAP team, someone from the SAP team will be contacting you to discuss your youth and to obtain your written permission to proceed with the process. Without your written permission, the process will not continue.

Did you know that every school in Pennsylvania has a Student Assistance Program?  Contact the administration/counseling office at your youth’s school to access this program. We have contact information for each Blair County school listed below.  If you don’t want to go through the school system, contact us at 814-381-0921.  We can help!

Altoona Area School District:
Altoona Area Senior High School: Drew Yingling 814-946-8278
Altoona Area Junior High School: 814-381-7500

Bellwood Antis School District:
Bellwood Antis High School: 814-742-2274
Bellwood Antis Middle School: 814-742-2273

Bishop Guilfoyle Catholic High School:
Counseling Office: 814-944-4014

Claysburg Kimmel School District:
Claysburg Kimmel Jr/Sr High School: 814-239-5141

Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center:
GACTC Guidance Office: 814-505-1289

Hollidaysburg Area School District:
Hollidaysburg Area High School: 814-695-4416
Hollidaysburg Area Junior High School: 814-695-4426

Spring Cove School District:
Spring Cove Middle School: 814-224-2106 ext. 3052
Central High School: 814-793-5319

Tyrone Area School District:
Tyrone Area High School: 814-684-4240
Tyrone Area Middle School: 814-684-4240

Williamsburg Community School District:
Williamsburg Jr. Sr. High School – Mrs. Carrie Loose: 814-832-2125

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