BDAP Prevention Services

BDAP Prevention runs prevention groups in schools and community locations aimed at developing coping and resistance skills in today’s youth.  We also offer materials and presentations on these topics that are free to the public.

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders)

This presentation covers prevention and identification of fetal alcohol disorders which are the damaging effects on a developing baby that can occur when a pregnant woman consumes alcohol. It also offers suggestions for interventions for individuals who are affected. This presentation can be a one-hour presentation and is appropriate for teen and adult audiences.

Say No to ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs)

This 45-minute to one-hour presentation focuses on the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs including marijuana and prescription medications.  The long-term and short-term effects of these substances are also discussed.  This presentation highlights refusal skills and programs available for those seeking treatment for addiction issues.  This presentation can also be tailored for audiences of all ages.

Marijuana Myths

This is a 30 minute to one-hour presentation that discusses the myths surrounding marijuana. The effects of marijuana on the brain, the heart, and the impact it has on development will be presented. There will also be discussion on the scientific evidence of the hazards of legalization and the problems that plaque the communities that have chosen to legalize.  This presentation is appropriate for secondary students and adults. Now that Pennsylvania has a medical marijuana program, many questions have arisen on what forms of marijuana can be used as well as the conditions approved for medical marijuana use.  This presentation can answer those questions if requested.

Prescription Drug Abuse, Storage and Disposal

This presentation is approximately an hour and covers the dangers of prescription drug abuse.  In today’s society, access to addictive and potentially dangerous prescription medications is often times readily available.  There is a growing trend across several age groups with particular prescription drug types being sought after and abused. Discussion will focus on the dangers that prescription drugs can possess and education on medication safety and where to go for help.  This presentation will also highlight appropriate methods of storage and disposal of prescription medication.  This presentation is appropriate for adults.

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Dangers

This is a 45 minute to one-hour classroom or assembly type presentation. It covers the effects of tobacco on the human body, the dangers of addiction and the lasting hold it can have on an individual. Also discussed will be the marketing strategies of big tobacco companies and their influence on youth, as well as the epidemic of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and Juuling and their dangers.

Understanding Addiction

This is an approximately one-hour presentation that focuses on the dynamics of addiction and the brain.  This presentation is appropriate for adult populations.

Current Drug Trends

This presentation details the current trends in drug and alcohol use and the signs and symptoms of use.  As trends come and go, we need to stay educated on what substances are being currently “in” as we recognize that what is hot today may not be tomorrow.  This presentation also highlights “hiding places” and inventive ways someone may use drugs and alcohol.  A large display of drug paraphernalia will be presented and made available for the audience to examine. This presentation is appropriate for adults.

When Gambling Crosses the Line

This is a 30-45-minute presentation that focuses on the differences between recreational gambling and problem gambling. Signs and symptoms of problem gambling are given with the effects on older adults, college students, teens and children. This presentation is appropriate for secondary students and adults.

Power of Parents

MADD’s Power of Parents program empowers parents of middle school and high school students to have ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.  This program is approximately 45 minutes and is appropriate for adults.

Parents 360 Rx

Parents360 Rx is a program developed by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to increase parents’ knowledge of substance use and improve a parent’s confidence in their ability to speak with youth about substance use, particularly prescription drugs.

Grandparents 360 Rx

Grandparents are playing an ever-changing role in the lives of their grandchildren.  Some are spiritual guides or playmates.  Some are full-time caregivers.  This presentation is a guide for older adults on how to discuss drug and alcohol prevention and issues with the younger generation.  Highlights include ideas for conversation and safe drug storage and disposal safety. Presentation is appropriate for adults.

Impact Teen Driver

The number one killer of young people in America is reckless and distracted driving.  Distracted driving can include drinking and driving, cell phone use while driving and even distractions such as talking with friends in the vehicle.  This presentation is aimed towards high school students and focuses on the choices and consequences related to underage drinking and distracted driving. 

Red Ribbon Week

BDAP Prevention provides presentations to help celebrate Red Ribbon Week! These presentations can include the history of the initiative and its importance.

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