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If you are a Blair County resident, contact BDAP at 814-381-0921. We will schedule an appointment for you to complete an assessment and fill out the required vivitrol paperwork. We will then follow up with PRS (Positive Recovery Solutions) to ensure that you are scheduled on the next vivitrol day. We will follow-up with you periodically while you are receiving vivitrol to assist with any needs or concerns that you may have.

  • If you are an out of county resident, contact PRS (Positive Recovery Solutions) directly at 1-412-660-7064.
  • PRS (Positive Recovery Solutions) is scheduled at the office of Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships every other Thursday. Clients receiving vivitrol are scheduled one time a month to receive the injection. Clients can also meet with a case manager on their scheduled vivitrol day to address any needs or concerns.
  • In order to receive a vivitrol injection, you must be opiate free for 10 days. However, you do not need to be alcohol free for any certain amount of time to receive it. You also need to be in some type of drug and alcohol treatment to continue to receive the injection. PRS may require a letter from your provider verifying this.

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