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Screenings and Assessments

  • All drug and alcohol treatment services can be accessed directly by the person needing help and/or family by calling (814) 381-0921 to schedule a confidential free assessment. Upon calling to schedule an assessment, a brief screening will take place to determine if there are any emergent needs that need immediately addressed prior to scheduling an assessment
  • The level of care assessment is the initial process to determine the degree and severity of alcohol and/or other drug use, the social, physical and emotional effects of that use and the strengths and needs of the client. The assessment determines the level of treatment
  • Needed by the client and may result in a recommendation to one or more of the following services: Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, Partial Hospitalization, Residential, Case Management Services and/or CRS services. Upon completion of the assessment, our office will then work to coordinate services that will best meet the client’s needs. or topic!

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