Driving Under the Influence

Highway Safety Class

This 12 ½ hour class is designed to help individuals arrested for Driving Under the Influence to understand the relationship between the use of alcohol and other drugs and traffic safety. Individuals will have the opportunity to evaluate their arrest and explore alternatives to avoid any future arrest. Broader implications of their substance use will be discussed and how it directly relates to their family, friends and employment. 

The Pennsylvania DUI Law will be reviewed including information regarding the potential to be arrested for DUI without BAC’s above .08 (unsafe driving, drugs, commercial vehicles, school vehicles, minors)

Individuals will learn about alcohol and how it affects the brain including short term and long-term effects. Since there are many different beers, wines and mixed drinks, information will be provided that details the amount of alcohol in each drink and the length of time the body needs to process the alcohol. In addition to the effects of alcohol, the effects of marijuana and other drugs will also be reviewed.

Basic drug and alcohol education regarding substance use, abuse, and addiction, will be detailed. A list of self-help groups and licensed local treatment providers will be distributed

Class Location:

3001 Fairway Drive, Suite D
Altoona, PA 16602
Cost: $185

You must have paid for class prior to attending. Class cost is included if you apply for ARD or Intermediate Punishment.

Dates of class vary monthly:

Friday 5:30PM to 10:15PM
Saturday 8:00AM to 5:30PM 

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