Driving Under the Influence

What is required for DUIs in Blair County as part of the ACT 122?

  • CRN: Court Report Network Interview – this must be completed before sentencing and before scheduling the Alcohol Highway Safety School. The CRN must be completed in the county where the DUI occurred
  • Drug and Alcohol Assessment and treatment if recommended – you must present the completion information to your probation officer
  • 12.5 hours of Highway Safety
    • If you do not reside in Pennsylvania, you can contact the DUI Coordinator for more information on other classes.
    • The DUI coordinator will send completion information to your probation officer
  • Cost and Fines, Community Service and any other requirement as part of your Court Order

Who is required to take Highway Safety?

  • Any 1st or 2nd time DUI Offender in the State of Pennsylvania must take the Alcohol Highway Safety class.
  • Anyone court ordered must complete the class through an approved AHSS.

How do I sign up for Highway Safety?

  • The DUI Coordinator schedules ARD/PWRC individuals based on their sentencing date and license suspension. The DUI Coordinator will mail out the letter with the class times and dates.
  • If you did traditional sentencing or have a DUI from another county/state, etc., contact the DUI Coordinator at Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships
  • You must discuss the Alcohol Highway Safety classes with the Blair County DUI Coordinator
  • If you complete a class elsewhere, and did not get permission from the Blair County DUI Coordinator, you may not receive credit for the course.

What if I got my DUI in another county but live in Blair County?

  • You will need to contact the county where you got your DUI. You will speak to their DUI Coordinator/your Probation Officer. Let them know you live in Blair County and want to take the course in Blair County instead. If they approve, they will send your required CRN and an Alcohol Highway Safety School referral to the Blair County DUI Coordinator, and you will receive a letter and an invoice from Blair County DUI Coordinator.

How much is the DUI Course?

  • The DUI Program Fee is part of the ARD/PWRC/DUI Treatment Court Application. No further payments are required for the DUI Program.
  • If you did Traditional Sentencing or have a DUI out of county or out of state, you must contact the Blair County DUI Coordinator to discuss payment.

How do I pay for the class?

  • Cash, Check, or Money Order Only
    • Checks made out to Blair Drug and Alcohol Parterships, DUI Program. Starter checks are not accepted. Checks must be submitted one week before the class date.
    • Money Order made out to Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships, DUI Program
    • You can mail the payment in or bring it into the office in person

When do I have to pay for the class?

  • If you are on the ARD Program, PWRC Program, or DUI Treatment Court – the cost for the highway safety class is part of the application fee you already paid. You do not have to pay again.
  • You must pay for the class before scheduling. You will not be able to schedule until the DUI Program fee is paid in full.
    • If you have questions regarding how much you owe, contact the DUI Coordinator and they will get your information and send an invoice out.

Where is the class held?

  • Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships, 3001 Fairway Drive, Altoona, PA, 16602
  • Contact Phone Number (814) 381-0921 x 313

When are highway safety classes?

  • When are highway safety classes?
    • There are typically 2 classes held every month
    • Classes are held on the weekend
    • Weekend classes are either Friday 4:30pm-9:15pm (doors open at 4:25pm and will be locked at 4:35pm) and Saturday 8:00am-5:30pm with a half hour lunch (doors open at 7:45/7:50am). Or, Friday 5:30pm-10:15pm and Saturday 8:00am-5:30pm with half hour lunch.

How long is the highway safety course?

  • PA Requirements: 12.5 hours – 15 hours

Do I have to attend both days?

  • Yes – you must attend the full 12.5-hour class.

What happens if I miss the class?

  • If you call ahead of time to say you can’t make it to a class, the DUI Coordinator will work with you to reschedule
  • If you were a no call/no show on any of the days, you must pay a $10 fee in order to reschedule the class
  • If you were a no call/no show, your probation officer will be contacted
  • When rescheduling, you must contact the DUI Coordinator for the next available class dates

What happens if I miss one day of the class?

  • If you attend the weekend Friday session but miss the Saturday session, you must take the next Saturday class available. If you fail to attend again, you must repeat the whole 12.5 hour class.
  • You cannot miss Friday and then try to attend the Saturday class – you will not be permitted into the Saturday class if you did not attend Friday.
  • The DUI Coordinator can deny participation in class if an individual continuously reschedules or no shows.

What happens if I am late?

  • Instructors give you 5 minutes tops before they mark you as a no call/no show and lock the doors.

Can I leave early?

  • You are required to attend the full 12.5 hours – we understand things do come up, so if you absolutely have to leave, we will work with you and reschedule you accordingly

Do I need to bring anything?

  • You do not need to bring anything
  • You can bring your own writing utensil but they are provided if you do not have one. You can bring your lunch on Saturday.

Can I bring someone with me?

  • Please attend alone. Do not bring significant others/parents/kids/etc. There is limited space in the classroom.
  • Interpreters are permitted in class. The DUI Coordinator must be informed if this will be taking place.
  • If you got a ride to class, make arrangements for them to come back to get you.
    • The Instructor will let you know what time you will be leaving so you have plenty of time to contact your ride.

How does my completion certificate get to PennDOT?

  • Once you complete the course, the DUI Coordinator will send your completion certificate to Blair County Adult Probation and Parole/or your probation officer from the county where you got the DUI
    • They will be the ones to determine if you have everything completed; then, they will send it through the courts, to Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts, and to PennDOT
    • If you have issues getting your license back, you will have to contact probation to make sure you have fulfilled all requirements for the ACT 122.
  • You cannot send your certificate in to Penn DOT on your own
  • The DUI Coordinator cannot send the certificate into Penn DOT

Information regarding Ignition Interlock: Contact The Pennsylvania DUI Association

  • See Penn DOT Forms
    • Any vehicle you operate must have the ignition interlock device installed
      • Work vehicle exemptions 
  • See PA DUI Law and Grading Scale
    • Not everyone is required to have the ignition interlock device installed
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