Driving Under the Influence

Court Reporting Network

All persons arrested for Driving Under the Influence are to be evaluated using the Court Reporting Network instruments issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and any other additional evaluation techniques deemed appropriate by the court to determine the extent of the person’s involvement with alcohol or controlled substances and to assist the court in determining what sentencing, probation or conditions of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition would benefit the person or the public. This 45 minute-hour interview includes questions pertaining to family history, medical background, drinking patterns and personal attitudes.

CRNs must be completed in the county where the DUI occurred.  

Class Location:

3001 Fairway Drive, Suite D
Altoona, PA 16602
Cost: $65

If you have applied for ARD or Probation with Restrictive Conditions the CRN cost is included.  If you did traditional sentencing, the CRN fee is part of the total DUI Program fee of $250. CRN interviews are scheduled by appointment only. The CRN is not a drug and alcohol assessment.

The CRN must be completed before sentencing and before scheduling the required Alcohol Highway Safety School.

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