Why your donation matters!

Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships is a non-profit organization that supports healthy community initiatives like family friendly movie nights, community picnics, arts in recovery night, and many more alcohol, tobacco, and drug free activities to promote togetherness and connectedness amongst the community. Your donation helps the continued support of these fun and safe initiatives as well as new ideas that benefit the prevention, intervention, and ongoing sustainability of healthy communities, families, and individuals.

The heartbeat of Blair County grows stronger with every happy and healthy person who resides here. With your support, Blair Drug and Alcohol Partnerships can provide continued opportunities for treatment of substance use disorder, evidence based programs for our loved and valued youth both in the schools and in our own backyards to help prevent substance use, as well as ongoing recovery supports to those who have chosen to better their lives.

Addiction touches 1 out of every 6 individuals in today’s world. WE need your help, YOUR FAMILY needs your help, and YOUR FRIENDS need your help to make this community the strongest and best it can be.

Your present situation is not your final destination