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Company History

On July 1, 2010 Blair County Drug & Alcohol Program, Inc. (BDAP) became a non-profit corporation.  The organization was formed to transfer the management of state and federal drug and alcohol funds from the county government into an independent nonprofit single county authority (SCA) model.  As part of the re-organization, the corporation set up a drug and alcohol central point of contact for Blair County.

The Single County Authority (SCA) is appointed by the state to provide community assessment, capacity building, planning, implementation and evaluation to support drug and alcohol programming for the county.  BDAP is proud to be appointed as this resource for our community.  We work with all sectors of our community to develop prevention, intervention, early engagement and recovery supports to include treatment services that support healthy communities.

BDAP offers a variety of services related to substance abuse.  Our corporation is the central point of contact for the community.  Individuals or families seeking drug and alcohol treatment only need to make one call to our office.  Our case managers are available 24/7 to support the family in navigating the drug and alcohol treatment system.  In addition, we provide prevention services in our schools and communities, we work with many sectors of our community to intervene and engage individuals as they intersect with our area partners.  We provide free drug and alcohol evaluations, resource coordination and intensive case management as well as certified recovery services to help individuals re-build their lives.  In addition, BDAP houses the DUI coordinator for the county.  We provide the Court Reporting Network (CRN) Evaluations and Highway Safety Classes.

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