What is SAP?

In Pennsylvania, every middle school and high school and some elementary schools have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). The purpose of this program is to provide a team approach for referrals of students when they exhibit warning signs of concern that may affect their success in school. Referrals can come from other students, school faculty, parents, community members or students can self refer to the SAP Team. Typically, a SAP Team consists of a group of school personnel (examples are: school nurse, administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, etc.) and community agency personnel from Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol backgrounds; including a MH liaison, a Drug and Alcohol liaison, and a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Specialist. This team functions to help you find services and assistance within the school and/or community. All SAP referrals are confidential.

Services Provided by D/A Prevention to SAP teams:

We offer a full range of services to support Student Assistance Program (SAP) efforts in Blair County schools.

These services include:
  • Providing technical assistance and professional consultation to Student Assistance core teams
  • D/A education
    • Including policy violator education
  • D/A Prevention psycho-educational groups
  • Consulting with parents
  • Facilitating and co-facilitating school-based support groups for students
    • Self Esteem Groups
    • Life Skills Groups
    • Anger Management Groups
    • Family Issues Groups (Substance Abuse related or Relationship Issues)
    • Teen Issues Groups
    • At Risk Groups for kids who are at risk of developing D/A issues
    • Tobacco Cessation Groups
  • Conducting in-service presentations for faculty and students

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